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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 6, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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last time this happened, all kind of air traffic all over the world was messed up. >> andrea: volcano can't do it but sequestration can. >> juan: here we go. >> eric: 14 months ago, new year's eve show, andrea asked me this question. >> what does the five think that the next 12 months will bring? start with you. >> eric: the economy recovers, the housing market recovers. the stock market recovers but the labor market probably is going to be bad for a long time. sorry. the reason i bring that up is the stock market made all-time high yesterday. another new all-time high today 14. ,000 about 300 or so, up 12%. the economy is turning around. look, the labor market needs to turn around. the house willing be good. a trend we should talk about more. thrill up my leg greg. freddie i disagree.
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stock stock market a casino people play in no matter how bad the economy is. i have two things. banned phrase, "for the record." you don't to say "for the record." what is the problem? >> kimberly: nothing. >> greg: you don't have to say "for the record." just say what you are going to say. >> kimberly: okay. >> greg: it's not like the good wife. not like ally mcbeal. shut up is what i'm saying. >> kimberly: so rude. >> greg: thoughts go out to mr. bob beckel who is out of today. under the weather. we hope he feels better. hi, bob. we miss you. nothing against juan. juan is a woperful person. great back rubs. >> juan: thank you. keep it personal. >> andrea: you also predicted that chavez was going to die. kate would get pregnant. >> eric: and rodman would visit -- >> andrea: any other predictions? >> eric: no. feel better bob. see you soon. >> kimberly: bye.
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>> eric: thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. ♪ old fashioned sill fuster over -- >> bret: an old-fashioned fill bust e over drones. to get answers why the nation top cop squirms about killing america in americans. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. you are looking at a live picture of the senate floor where kentucky republican rand paul has been speaking for most of the last six hours. john brennan for c.i.a. director and listen for a second. >> terrorist tuesday for americans. flashcards, of americans up, pass around the table in the
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oval office with pictures of americans on them and decide who is going to die and who is going to live. >> bret: delay are concerned about the drone policy. so are members of the judiciary committee who heard eric holder possibly change his position on the theoretical use of drones to kill u.s. citizens on american soil. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has tonight's top story. i thought i was saying no. >> that simple answer had to be forced out of attorney general eric holder. >> does the constitution allow u.s. citizen on u.s. soil who doesn't pose an imminent threat to be killed by the government? >> this is a hypothetical. i would not think in that situation use of drone or lethal force would be appropriate -- >> general holder, i find it remarkable in that hypothetical which is deliberately simple, you are unable to give a simple
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one-word, one syllable answer. no. >> not clear the response to the senate committee is a reversal of the march 4 letter to rand paul where he writes, "it is possible i supposed to imagine an extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary an appropriate under the constitution and applicable laws of the united states for the president to authorize the military to use lethal force within the territory of the united state states." >> in your letter to senator paul earlier in week you left open the possibility of using lethal force against citizens in extraordinary circumstance on u.s. soil. can you agree that no scenario is it appropriate to use arm drone on u.s. soil to strike an american citizen? >> i said the government has no intention to carry out drone strikes in the united states. it's hard for me to imagine a situation in which that would occur. >> holder said lawmakers could
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not flock drone use. >> congress has authority to pass a law prohibit the president's ability to use drone aircraft and use lethal force against american citizens on u.s. soil. >> i'm not sure such a bill would be constitutional. >> under pressure this week, the administration provided handful of 11 government memos that justified the expanded drop campaign. only on a restricted basis to the 15 senators on the intelligence committee. they want less secrecy from the obama administration. >> i will be bringing that to the attention of the appropriate people within the administration. >> it seemed brennan's confirmation was foregone conclusion, the testimony effectively threw gasoline on the drone issue. >> bret: back to the filibuster. mike emanuel on the tactic and
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strategy of a filibuster as a political tool. >> i rise today to filibuster john brennan's nomination for the c.i.a. >> with that, rand paul slammed on the breaks in the senate. paul said he was challenging the constitutionality of drone attacks on americans in the u.s. >> i cannot sit at my desk quietly and let the president say he will kill americans on american soil who are not actively attacking a country. >> the republican kentuckian said it wasn't person against brennan or president obama, it was about principle. >> if this were a republican president i'd be here saying the same thing. no one person, no one politician should judge the guilty, to judge the guilt of an individual and execute an individual. it goes against everything that we fundamentally believe in our country.
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>> paul said he was not satisfied with the response he received on the topic. so to implement tactic in the past made famous in film "mr. smith goes to washington" and used recently by sanders who objected to $828 billion tax bill in 2010 and held the floor for 8-1/2 hours. the effort raises paul's profile with conservatives as he considers a run for president in 2016. today paul demanded answers. >> i will speak today until the president responds and says no we won't kill americans at cafe, no, we won't kill you in your bed at night no,, we won't drop bombs on restaurants. is that so hard? >> last month, president obama tried to address the concerns.
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>> the rules outside the united states are different than the rules inside the united states. >> paul held the floor for three hours and step minutes by himself. looking live at the senate floor he is still going strong. others joined him on the floor to ask him lengthy questions and give him a bit of a breather. bret? >> bret: we will continue to follow that and have more with the panel. thanks. >> president obama invited senate republicans for a night out minus the snow here in washington. chief white house correspondent ed henry says this is a new outreach by the president amongst continued bickering about the sequester. >> with a light snow prompting the government to get shut down, the republicans snickered forecast of a major blizzard reminded them of the sequester. lots of hype with little actual gloom and doom panning out. >> none of the funds made available by a tuition of this act may be used to transport
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the president to or from a golf course until public tours resume. >> republican gohmert offered amendment to use sequester to shut down white house tours. >> republican speaker boehner went out of his way to post a photo of himself greeting tourists visiting the capital and declared while i'm disappointed that the white house chosen to be comply with sequest tration, but cutting public tours, i'm pleased to assure you that public tours will continue. >> democratic dismiss the attack as a side show. said it was time for republicans to stop forcing one budget crisis after another. >> we should not allow, my colleagues, the government to shut down. we cannot do business this way, from one manufacturered crisis to the next. >> the executive branch was closed the house was in session. to pass a bill is that would keep the government shutting down for government when it comes out of money three weeks from today.
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the president moved to head off the future crisis by inviting a group of republican senators to dinner tonight at the jefferson hotel. including lindsey graham. >> i am encouraged by the president's outreach. i hope it bears fruit. >> white house spokesman jay carney says the president wants to talk about a grand bar gone budget deal. but also coming together on issues like immigration reform. >> the president is interested in, you know, finding the members of the caucus of common sense. >> the president is dining to close to a dozen rank and file republicans, a list that does not include boehner or senator republican leader mitch mcconnell. >> i wish he had done more over the years. we have had all of us limited interaction with the president. he doesn't have to go through me to call my members and i'm sure he will. >> the president has asked to meet separately next week with the caucuses of the house democrats, senate democrats,
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house republicans and senate republicans. the first time he has met with the republicans on the hill since 2010. >> bret: thank you. what has been characterized as major snowstorm is moving up the coast. it's not that bad in washington. more rain than snow. but in virginia, there is a state of emergency. heavy snow forced school and business closings. further north, the areas hit by hurricane sandy are bracing for more weather problems in the next couple of days. a private survey shows they added jobs in february. the january total was 215,000 and that is 23,000 more than initially reported. the federal government jobs report for last month comes out friday. the dow finished with a new record close after gaining 42.5. the s&p 500 finished ahead 2. and the nasdaq lost two. if you want to help the
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environment, get off your bike and drive your car. that is one state lawmaker says later in the grapevine. up next, what is next for venezuela? we go live to ca caracas.
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>> bret: dependk where you are, the world is mourning or celebrating the death yesterday of venezuelan president hugo chavez. latin american leader succumbed to cancer at the age of 58. coapt steve centanni is live tonight -- correspondent steve centanni is live in caracas. good evening, steve. >> good evening, bret. huge crowds all day in caracas. funeral profession i processiont miles line. they are marching behind a man who ruled the country for 14 years. hugo chavez. many of them wearing red as a symbol of chavez's party. no matter what you thought of his politics today, demonstrated a deep connection between chavez and a large segment of the population.
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who thought they had a president who looked like them and cared about their concerns. the funeral is set for friday. we are likely to see a dozen of world leaders, possibly mahmoud ahmadinejad who compared hugo chavez to jesus christ today. also heaping praise on chavez, hezbollah, group categorized as terrorist organization by the united states. they say they lost a deer supporting losing hugo chavez. this will mark start of the election season by constitution. they have 30 days to hold the election. hugo chavez's hand-picked successor spent most of the day walking side-by-side with the coffin. by most accounts he is unimpressive as interim president and made a move to hint the u.s. might have been behind giving hugo chavez cancer. the u.s. officials call that claim absurd. what we could see for the first time in 14 years a chance for the opposition and chance to step back for the political system, for the past decade-and-a-half concentrated
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all state power in the hands of one man. bret, back to you. >> bret: steve centanni live in venezuela tonight. steve, thank you. era of foreign ministers granted the opposition coalition seat at the arab league. today, the united nations says the number of refugees of the civil war topped 1 million. u.n. warns of what calls a full scale disaster there. the u.s. spent too much and gaped too it willle in the war against iraq. that is the conclusion of the final report for the iraq reconstruction. the congressional budget office says they spent $667 billion since the american-led invasion a decade ago. when we come back. trying to keep the government from shutting down. where do both parties stand? we talk to two lawmakers who know. as you look live again at the senate floor, kentucky senator rand paul continuing his filibuster to block c.i.a. nominee john brennan. the rules of the senate say
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senators can be recognized to speak as long as they wish. can't be forced to cede the floor or interrupted without consent. the senator holding the longest record? south carolina senator strom thurmond spoke for more than i24 hours. >> tries the system so much. we want to make sure we arrest, convict and execute the right perp. we have trials. so we think it is important that we have trials. ♪ tens of thousands of dollars on their 401(k) to hidden fees. is that what you're looking for, like a hidden fee in your giant mom bag? maybe i have them... oh that's right i don't because i rolled my account over to e-trade where... woah. okay... they don't have hidden fees... hey fern. the junkrawer? why would they... is that my gerbil? you said he moved to a tiny farm. that's it, i'm running away. no, no you can't come! [ male announcer ] e-trade. less for us. more for you. exciting and would always come max and pto my rescue.ookstore
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>> bret: we are going to talk more now about the next budget crisis possibly facing washington. a possible government shutdown due to insufficient funds if it comes to that. joining me now are two people trying to keep it from happening. maryland congressman chris van
3:22 pm
hollen on the budget committee and republican kevin mccarthy is the g.o.p. whip. thank you for being this in this not storm, a rainstorm in washington. congressman mccarthy, the c.r. continuing resolution passed. what happens if the senate aeraltering it in some way? >> i caution them not to alter it. this is bipartisan out of the house, strong vote. able to move forward. this helps the veteran affairs in there. that took fluctuation and controlling the money. this would be smart for them to pass it and move forward. not bring doubt about a shutdown and take away uncertainty for the fiscal year to move to other items.
3:23 pm
>> bret: if they do alter it? >> we'd have to look at it but i caution against it. >> bret: congressman van hollen you were one of the 151 against the c.r. your district has a lot of federal workers. a lot of people tied to the federal government. this would fund the federal government. why vote against it. >> the good news is we will not shut down the federal government. we can do better in this bill. this is the last chance this month to replace the sequeste sequester. i asked four times for alternative to the sequester to achieve the deficit reduction without losing the 750,000 jobs. that is not the president number or my number. that is the nonpartisan congressional budget office number. i think we should have taken the opportunity not only to keep the government going but to prevent the loss of over 750,000 american jobs by replacing the sequester.
3:24 pm
we can improve upon this. the senate will. i look forward to voting for it when it comes back. i hope we use the intervening time to replace the sequester in a smart way. >> bret: is this replacing the sequester? $982 billion as it is currently, the continuing resolution? >> it's not replacing it. the sequester comes in and you cut $85 billion of $3.6 trillion. this carries the sequester number forward. this gives the department of defense an mytary greater flexibility in how they go about the cuts. chris laid out his bill that he proposed numerous times but this is more taxes. the bill that the democrats propose that couldn't even get out of the senate that some democrats voted against it. that was going nowhere. this is an opportunity that had bipartisan support. move to the senate. can move us forward. remember, it met criteria that the president laid out last week that he said he could sign. >> bret: you are saying the republicans definitively are not going to move off the ball
3:25 pm
on increased revenue. meaning, closing loopholes, deductions, anything on this c.r. >> the democrats have their tax increase already. >> a couple of things. first, the senate democratic plan got a mar jurorty vote -- majority vote. didn't pass senate because republicans used obstructionist tactics, which they are allowed to do, to block it. the bill contains cut and cut to tax breaks. kevin -- the republican colleagues think the budget conversation started januar january 1. we have cut $1.5 trillion by applying spending caps. our view is we can also get a lot of the junk out of the tax code in terms of special interest tax break to use it to help reduce the deficit, which is what bipartisan commissions have done. the republican colleagues have taken the position and many sign the pledge that you can't shut down the corporate
3:26 pm
jet loophole. you can't take away a suggest for big oil companies. >> this is what the president talked about. even friday, president obama suggested he would be willing to move on and do a deal on the continuing resolution. >> we are not going to fight about shutting down the government. >> the vote no would do that. >> no, my vote no was to say the senate needs to improve on this bill. they have flexibility for military and that is good but they did not provide additional flexibility for domestic agencies. the senate can do that and we will pass it and i wish we had taken the opportunity to prevent the sequester and the job loss.
3:27 pm
>> thesthe see questions tration came from the white house. they passed twice to move it and have cut but taken in a better matter. moved it to the senate twice and nothing came about it. the president talked a lot and did nothing until the day of sequester coming forward and brought the leaders down for a photo. >> tonight, the president is sitting down with the republican senators at dinner. we don't know what the conversation will be. he is talking like he wants a big deal. he is talking about it privately we're told. do you think this is politics for 2014? >> you watched the president's numbers go to 43% from 53% in a short time period. he is feeling the pressure. people want to see leadership here. we have seen him try to come to an agreement and never
3:28 pm
could get there. i hope the pattern of the last four years change in a behavior. maybe this is a wake-up call. >> it's hard to reach an agreement when the speaker of the house walks out of the discussion with the president. which is happens in december. the republicans departments want to raise re-knews. a great majority of the caucus against revenue from people over $1 million. that is a fundamental issue. the president said in the campaign and since he wants to take a balanced approach. >> on the question of the president's goals here. >> he executed plans to win back the house in 2014 that the advisors believe will be crucial to outcome of the second term and legacy of the president. the goal is flip the republican held house to democratic control allowing obama to push forward a progressive agenda.
3:29 pm
are you familiar with the president's thinking in that regard? >> if the president's thinking is he wants to follow through on the promises he made in the last presidential campaign. i know a lot of people wish the outcome was different in the presidential campaign but it is what it is. the president ran on policies to strengthen the middle class and keep the commitment to senior and invest in kids. he is reaching out to republicans to say come on board. i want to work with you. i am willing to compromise but not violate promises in the campaign. >> that is not the action. >> plan "a" is get republicans to work with him. you have to have a plan "b." >> on election night did you call the dccc chairman? that when the president walked off the stage. who did he call? nancy pelosi and steve israel. your old job. election campaign person.
3:30 pm
it wasn't up to harry reid to say let's build the policy. make the country better. no, it was let's keep the campaign going and forget about policy and try to win the house. >> how is it different than what mitch mcconnell said in 2010 that "the single most important thing we want the achieve is for president obama to be a one-term president"? >> mcconnell is minority. minority leader. he is president of the entire united states. just won a second term. how many people are out of work. how long have we struggled? this is not an opportunity to keep the cap pain going. time to start governing. on our start of the aisle we look forward to this and that is why we continue to move policy to put us in the right direction. that will people get back to work. >> that is why the president has had a bipartisan group at the white house. that is why he is reaching out. you have to have a backup plan. >> nancy pelosi -- >> if republicans can continue to say we are not going to
3:31 pm
allow you to follow through on any of the campaign commitments then you need people willing to work with you. >> wrap it up there. >> congressman, thank you for being here. >> a state lawmaker says writing your bike is worse for environment than driving. grapevine is next. [ male announcer ] marie callender's puts
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>> bret: the u.s. ambassador to the budget committee want other diplomats to sober up. really. joseph tusella says negotiating rooms should be inebryiation free zones but are often not. he suggests that the colleagues save the champagne for toasting successful end of negotiating session. apparently this has been an issue for some time. diplomat told reporters on one occasion the note taker in the room had to be replaced because he was too impaired to complete the task. foreign policy magazine cites another diplomat saying the main negotiator are sober. what does not appear to be in question delegates keep well-stocked bar in negotiating room. iran is at war with rats. tehran's population of 12 million people is said to be outnumbered by the rodents. big rodents. the national report ten sniper teams are working under cover of night to pick off the creatures, some of which are said to be larger than cats.
3:36 pm
they are trying to boost rat sniper squads to 40 in iran. finally a washington state lawmaker claims bicyclingist is worst for the environment than driving. ed orcott e-mailed constituent concerned about a bike tax. cyclist has increased heart rate and respiration to mean it results in greater emission of carbon dioxide. bicyclists are polluting when they ride. he wasn't kidding. he later told the seattle bike blog, "you would be giving off more co2 riding a bike than driving a car." he admit he is has no evidence to back this up. the european cyclist fred ration report cars generate ten times more carbon dioxide
3:37 pm
than bicyclists. he has since apologized for the statement calling it over the top. >> if you are a young person your tax bill may one day be over the top. government programs to care for your parents and grandparents will take ever increasing chunk out of your paycheck. jim angle with frightening numbers. >> baby who can't count yet have a nasty surprise if no changes are made in entitlement such as medicare. they will have to cover unfunded promises of $35 trillion. >> we are unwilling to cover the costs right now and we are saying to the kids and grand kids we don't want to payer it. we will have you do it. >> looking to the future the young person realizes taxes will increase enormously or
3:38 pm
benefits will be cut enormously. >> how much does the taxes go up? they found the young would face staggering tax increases in decade to come. taxes would have to increase by a whopping 86% in 2050 to drive the top rate of 73%, the highest since 1980. corporate rates would have to increase from 35 to 65%. >> it is clear you have to make explicit tax increase if you don't change the benefit of those programs specificall specifically. >> the cost of entitlement will increase the debt to unsupportable levels. but sad row kates aamericans reject any change to benefit. >> they say absolutely no benefit cut to social security and medicare or medicaid.
3:39 pm
>> they argue ways could be determined to help with healthcare cost. >> we don't want to cut people's earned benefit. we don't want to take out of people what they earn and pay in to their whole lives. >> the nation is undergoing massive shift of resources from the young and the unborn to growing body of seniors living longer a longer. >> for every dollar on young people we are spending $4 on seniors. medicare, the average person pays for one-third of the cost of the medicare program. >> we are paying greater share of medicare benefits and we have to plan to pay for promises down the road. >> by 2025, entitlement spending such as medicare and medicaid will soak up every last tax dollar leaving no money for any other function of government. the longer we wait to fix entitles, the more painful the fixes will be.
3:40 pm
bret? >> bret: thank you. drilling over drones. the attorney general dodges and senator filibusters. we will get reaction from the fox all-star when we return. there is a republican from kansas trying to give senator paul a breather as his filibuster continues. paul has held the senate floor for seven hours now. as the filibuster moves on, on the issue of drones. keep it here. >> this is not the appropriate time for us to insist on that answer is this not appropriate for this to be the vin you on we the united states senate made clear. vo: bold helps you re-imagine building castles, oceans, and lagoons in the place we call home. bold is where everyone comes to play. starting our day off with a good dance and singing us to sleep at night.
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3:44 pm
longer speak. >> i ask the president can you kill an american on american soil? it should have been an easy answer. it's an easy question. it should have been a resounding and unequivocal no. the president's response he hasn't killed anyone yet. >> bret: senator rand paul on the senate floor, almost exactly seven hours ago. he has been helped along the way with question and answer sessions. back and forth with a number of members including one democrat. >> the congress and the public need to know what the rules for targeted killings are. so that they can make sure as senator ball touched on in the course of the day that american security and american value are both being protec protected. >> every american has the right to know when their government believes that it is allowed to kill them.
3:45 pm
>> a bipartisan filibuster. old-fashioned style. steve hayes for "weekly standard." a.b. stoddard, associate editor of the hill. syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. okay, steve. what do you think? >> what an interesting day. rand paul going back to his objections from the beginning and the extraordinary exchange with eric holder in front of the judiciary committee this morning. as a practical matter, political matter there is no question if the president needed to use a drone to -- in the middle of a terrorist attack, just as in the bush administration shoot down order was given for one of the hijacked planes, the president would do it. the interesting thing for me is that eric holder talking about it this way seems to want to preserve encircle that
3:46 pm
policy prerogative for the president, which is an expense of the executive authority when you look at the way that president obama has talked about executive power. as a senate and candidate and beginning of the first term. >> bret: you referenced this exchange between senator ted cruz of texas. and the attorney general. we cut it down a bit. but it goes back and fourth over the same pressing the attorney general on the issue of drones. >> does the constitution allow a u.s. citizen on u.s. soil who doesn't pose an imminent threat to be killed by the u.s. government? >> i would not think it's appropriate. >> you say appropriate. my question isn't about propriety but whether it's constitutional or not. >> i thought i was saying no. >> then i am glad.
3:47 pm
>> this went on and on before you translate the appropriate to no. your thoughts? >> that was interesting during the exchange he did say it would be unconstitutional after having the word no dragged out of him. he told cruz if he proposed legislation to ban the use of armed drones against americans on domestic soil that would be unconstitutional because of the power under article two to defend the country. eric holder is in a tough situation. they are trying to preserve the right of the president to make a decision under pearl harbor/9/11 situation. or another. to defend the country. yet to be imagined scenario. so what you find the tern general doing is using the presidential candidate talk. that is hypothetical. i have never done it before. really, really unlikely.
3:48 pm
but he won't cat goricly rule it out. >> bret: cruz, paul, mike lee and the senators who have been talking in the filibuster acknowledge the imminent threat of use of drone. terrorist in the act of something. the hypothetical is the guy at the cafe drinking the drink, not attacking someone, can they take him out on u.s. soil, as an american citizen? that is the question. >> there is less here of a division than you think. they agree if there is an imminent attack and a plane headed to washington, on 9/11 you could give an order to shoot down a plane. a lot of them, including innocent americans. that isn't question. everybody would there are
3:49 pm
conceivable circumstances you would kill an american without a trial or inquiry or anything. if he is sitting in a starbuc starbucks as long as he isn't an iminnocent threat so what the issue? they want to extract from the attorney general a blanket statement they would never do the latter. i could create a scenario in which you would be able to do the latter. invasion of america from saskatchewan, but an army of jihadists led by john walker lindh. it reaches toledo ohio. >> american taliban. >> sitting in a starbucks irk would take him out. >> was a civil war where americans were shot in coffee shop, u.s. southern citizens. in principle if we had a second civil war you say yes.
3:50 pm
i can understand how the administration wants not to exclude this extreme example. what is ridiculous here is we know it isn't going to happen. we have consensus between democrats and republicans. obama and bush in practice. why don't we sit down and establish a code of conduct that would get 90% approval in the congress and in the country instead of playing gotcha and come up with extreme examples? >> bret: i think if judge andrew napolitano were here he would argue that the constitution -- he would probably argue that an american citizen still would have the rights to trial. >> bret: in a civil war, if you were a southern soldier in the forest and you weren't engaged in a battle and the union patrol came upon you, they could shoot. they would haven't a due process or anything. they were citizens on both
3:51 pm
sides. you can create extreme examples. but since it's not going to happen, let's create a code we can all agree on. we would have large, widespread agreement. i'm sure of that. >> wrap up the conversation on drones. talk about the filibuster and rand paul as a politician when we come back. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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>> bret: rand paul live on the senate floor continuing his filibuster. >> we are going to have different rules but we already know a large percentage of the drone strikes overseas were not naming the person. is that going to be the standard. we also know we have targeted people for sympathizing with the enemy. we talk about that before.
3:55 pm
in the 1960s we had many people who sympathize with north vietnam. many people will remember jane fonda swivelling herself around if the north vietnamese artillerys and thinking gleefully she was just right at home with the north vietnamese. now i'm not a great fan of jane fonda, i'm really not so interested in putting her on a drone kill list either. >> bret: rand paul, he has talked about a lot of things today. he wolfed down a snickers and jelly beans. it doesn't look like he is going anywhere anytime soon. a.b., what about rand paul? he is obviously raising his profile. he is said to consider a run for president. >> everybody loves a filibuster in washington. the fact he is going through this is impressive. he has done a good job. he is articulated and prepared. at one point he did say it's not so much about
3:56 pm
filibustering the nomination of john brennan as much as it is as he said, a request to get the president of the united states to say no americans would be killed if they are not engaged in come back. i don't think the effort to codify the drone policy that charles is talking about and this eric holder talked about today saying that the white house is going to try to come up with steps to create transparency on this. he will be remembered for this. that is what he wanted. >> same time, steve, the president is having dinner with seven other republicans. they won't join the filibuster, nine others have. whatever about the politics of this? >> this is a fascinating moment that the president
3:57 pm
exported law enforcement techniques overseas. he is bringing counter terror measures overseas to the united states. in theory. the good moment for rand paul and he made strong principleed arguments even if you didn't agree with them. he knew his stuff. >> bret: last word. >> stroke of political genius. he will be remembered. this raises his image and he is sincere about this. this is a moment they say he will be launched as a national figure. >> that is it for the panel. >> stay tuned, well, we'll stay on the topic of drones and transparency. none of us would want to be told we can't marry the pern we
3:58 pm
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